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To control the energy in your system
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    These products are GUARANTEED to FULLY CHARGE a COMPLETELY DEAD battery (2)

    ASC™124, 8, 12, 16 (amps) A (temperature comp.)UL,FM,CSA
    ASC™248, 16 (amps)A (temperature comp.)UL,FM,CSA
    NOTE 1: Maximum continuous ratings at 50C shown. All products can handle substantial short-term overloads.
    NOTE 2: Battery in good condition and capable of being fully recharged.
    NOTE 3: Some product/option combinations may be special order.
    NOTE 4: Non-standard products may not have all listed approvals. Contact factory for approvals on non-standard products.

    NOTE: 6V ASC and custom ASC available on special order. Minimum quantities required.

    Last update: March 15, 2020
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