The operating voltage set-points can be changed via adjustment screws accessible from the front.  On both BATTERY SAVER Models 1 and 6, two pots are provided for adjustment, one for the LVD (or generator start) set-point and one for the SPAN or voltage change before a reset.


Equipment required: Variable power supply with meter, small adjustment screwdriver. 


 1) Disconnect BATTERY SAVER from system.

 2) Connect the power supply plus and minus to the terminals marked "Batt+" and "Batt-" respectively.

 3) Vary the power supply voltage in the area where the LVD (or GENERATOR START) is set, observing when the LED light goes on and off.

 4) Subtract the value of the desired LVD (or GENERATOR START) voltage from the desired stop voltage.  This becomes the "SPAN" value.

 5) Set the desired span via adjustment of the "SPAN ADJ." adjustment screw.  Turning the screw clockwise increases the span, counter-clockwise decreases it.

 6) Vary the power supply voltage once again to determine the new span value.

 7) Repeat steps 5 and 6 until the desired span is achieved.  The LVD (GENERATOR START) value will not be correct.

 8) Turn the LVD (START ADJ.) adjustment screw clockwise to decrease the set-point, and counter clockwise to increase it.

 9) Vary the power supply voltage to determine the new start value.

10) Repeat steps 8 and 98 until the desired set-point is achieved, repeat step 3 to verify the accuracy of the new set-points.